Frequently Asked Questions & Upgrade Instructions

The Ultimate Popup Killer is pretty self-explanatory and very easy to use, but here are answers to questions you may have:


We sincerely hope that the Ultimate Popup Killer (UPK) has become your solution to one of the most annoying nuisances on the web - Runaway, renegade popups. It's "extra-strength" and stops popups most other "popup stoppers" let through.


  1. Ultimate Popup Killer Set My Home Page To - Yes, the free version of the Ultimate Popup Killer sets your homepage to the "Ultimate" search engine page, as described in the agreement and "terms of usage" that you agreed to when it was installed. It loads fast, and gives you more search options than other start pages - I think you're going to like it.

    If you would prefer to have your home page set to something else and want to continue running the "Ultimate Popup Killer", you can currently purchase a paid version for just $12 which allows you to set your own home page by clicking here.

  2. How do I know that UPK is running, and how can I close it for an individual session? - When you launch Internet Explorer, you should see the UPK icon in the bottom of your task bar... By right-clicking the bullseye icon, you'll see a checkmark by "Enable". By left-clicking "Enable" and removing the checkmark, Ultimate Popup Killer will be disabled. Don't forget to put the check mark back later to continue benefitting from Ultimate Popup Killer!

    A second way to disable Ultimate Popup killer is to close it for the current windows session. To close it, right-click the icon and choose "exit". Don't worry, the program will re-load the next time you start windows.
  3. Can I disable UPK just momentarily, if there's a certain link or popup I want to have pop up that Ultimate Popup Killer is preventing?

    Yes! Starting with UPK v7.3, you can momentarily halt UPK by simply holding down the "CTRL" button on your keyboard while clicking a popup link or while a page is loading.
  4. How do I find out if I have v7.3 with this added feature?

    Right-click the bullseye icon and left-click "Settings". At the top of the settings box, you'll see "Ultimate Popup Killer 7.3". If you have 7.2 or below, you'll just see "Ultimate Popup Killer" (without the 7.3 notice). If that's the case, you can download the newest 7.3 version by going to, uninstalling your current version, and reinstalling the new version.
  5. Can I have a "White List" of domains that I WANT to allow popups all the time? For instance, I play some lotto sites that need popups to play the games, and I check mail with, and the new mail screens pop up.

    Yes, in the new version 7.3, Ultimate Popup Killer lets you allow popups on certain domains that you choose. If you right-click the icon on the bottom of the screen (the red and white "target" icon in the task bar), you see an "allow popups" icon. So if, say, you want all popups on to come up while you're checking your mail, you can add "" to the "allow popups" screen, and then all windows will pop up on
  6. How do I change sounds or turn off the sound? - With your Internet Explorer browser open, right-click on the UPK icon at the bottom of your task bar, and left-click "Play Sound". If a .wav file isn't currently selected, you can choose any .wav file you have on your computer if you'd like to hear something to let you know when a popup window is killed. If you want to turn OFF the sound, then select nothing.

  7. What minimum system requirements are needed to run Ultimate Popup Killer? - You just need Internet Explorer 5.0 or above (sorry Netscape users, but popup killers don't work consistently with Netscape), and Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or above.

  8. Can I give the free version to friends? - Yes, please feel free to let others know about the Ultimate Popup Killer. The only restriction is that you can't SELL it, it was meant to be given away free. Just send your friends to to download the free version, or you can just email them the installation file directly.

  9. Ultimate Popup Killer doesn't seem to be working properly. - For the vast majority of users, the Ultimate Popup Killer works great. If it's not blocking popups for you properly, one possibility is that you didn't close all Internet Explorer windows before installing the program. You may want to uninstall the program, then reinstall it.

    If you originally downloaded the program before June 4, 2002 and you're having some type of problem with it, we recommend you download the newest version of the program by clicking here.
  10. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ultimate Popup Killer and it STILL doesn't work. What should I do?

    There may be a glitch in your version of Internet Explorer that, while it still allows Explorer to function, caused Ultimate Popup Killer not to work correctly. If it doesn't work after reinstalling while having all Internet Explorer windows closed, unfortunately it's just not going to work for you.

    We recommend uninstalling the program and trying a different program. You can go to and search for "popup killer" or "popup stopper" to see a list of alternate programs you can try. Experiment and see which works best for you, you'll definitely find one that'll work for you.
  11. I'm getting error messages on my computer. Is it because of the Ultimate Popup Killer program?

    The only error message you may get when using Ultimate Popup Killer is a "Couldn't Connect To Internet Explorer" message when you're turning on windows. If you get that message on a regular basis, you should uninstall the program, since it appears there's a problem with Ultimate Popup Killer connecting with Internet Explorer.

    Besides that, it's highly unlikely that the Ultimate Popup Killer is causing other error messages on your computer. If you want to be 100% sure that Ultimate Popup Killer isn't causing any error messages you may be getting in Windows, you can uninstall the program and see if you continue to get the errors.

  12. What do I do if I want to uninstall the program? - Click here for uninstall instructions.
  13. Does the Ultimate Popup Killer contain "Sypware"?

    NO! The only thing the Ultimate Popup Killer does is kill popups. As explained previously and very clearly in the software installation terms & conditions, the free version sets your home page to (the trade-off to keep the software free.) Or for $12 you can upgrade to the paid version that allows you to set your homepage to anything you would like.

    The Ultimate Popup Killer contains no spyware, it does not track what you do, there is no additional software bundled with it. It just does what it's supposed to: Stops Popups Dead.

The above information should answer 99% of the questions you may have. If you have any other questions or problems that aren't answered here, please: and we'll see what we can do to help. Please be as specific as possible in describing what problem you're having.


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